Lemon Laws

Lemon laws are one of the most helpful car laws because they protect consumers from dealers who are out to exploit unsuspecting customers. All the states in America have passed these laws and they have been in use for many years. If you are not familiar with lemons and their laws, you need to take time and search the internet and you are sure to come up with detailed information. When you buy a new car or a leased car, you expect it to mark the beginning of a new experience that will make your life easier. Just when you begin to have a good feeling about the car, it starts to show signs of being defective. Defects are also referred to as a nonconformity and when the car is a lemon, the quality is contrary to the indication on the manufacturer’s express warranty.

Lemon laws differ from state to state and while you are searching, you need to indicate the specific state you wish to learn more about with regard to lemon laws. There are similar characteristics in these laws and some of them are as follows. They all agree on what a lemon is. They all define a lemon as a defective vehicle which has not improved after being repaired severally. The lemon laws state that the manufacturer needs to be notified immediately the consumer or the lemon car owner notices there is a problem. The laws require that the manufacturer or the lemon car dealer is given a reasonable chance to repair the lemon. This provides an opportunity for them to access the vehicle and find out whether there might have been other sources of the nonconformity.

The laws are usually very comprehensive and clear and other states are constantly finding ways of improving the laws so that they can serve the citizens better. If the manufacturers find that the vehicle they sold to a particular consumer is beyond a reasonable doubt a lemon, the manufacturers do not hesitate but, to refund or give a replacement. Lemon laws are not meant to offer gains or profits. They are specifically tailored to compensate a consumer who would have otherwise been exploited if the laws did not exist. When the laws did not exist, people used to settle the car disputes in a very informal way which could sometimes mean violence but with the introduction of these laws, such incidents are no longer necessary.

Under these laws, you will find the provision of informal ways of dispute settlements called arbitration programs. They are either government sponsored or they are sponsored by the manufacturers. They involve the presence of mediators or arbitrators who are well informed on the laws of the specific states. They listen to every side then come up with a ruling that is most suitable. The laws provide for further legal action where a civil law suit can be filled by a lemon car owner who is not satisfied with the outcome of the programs. The programs are not compulsory and this means that you do not have to consider using them. There is no doubt that these laws make life better.